What are the rights of consumers who want to return the products they purchased in a proper quality?

What the law says

Article 9. Rights of the consumer when purchasing the goods of the proper quality

1. The consumer is entitled to exchange non-food products of the proper quality to the same as the seller in which it was purchased, if the goods did not satisfy it in form, size, shape, color, size or for other reasons, it can not be used by its intended purpose.

The consumer has the right to exchange good quality goods within fourteen days, excluding the day of purchase, if the longer term is not declared by the seller.

The exchange of goods of the proper quality is carried out if it is not used and if its trade-off, consumer properties, inscriptions, labels, and also the settlement document issued to the consumer together with the goods sold are preserved.

The list of goods that are not subject to exchange (return) on the grounds specified in this article, shall be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

2. If at the moment of exchange of the similar product is not in sale, the consumer has the right or to buy any other goods from the existing assortment with the corresponding transfer of value, or to terminate contracts and receive money in the amount of the value of the returned goods, or to carry out the exchange of goods to the same. The seller is obliged to inform the consumer on the day of receipt of the goods on sale, which requires the exchange of the goods.

3. When a sales contract is terminated, payments to the consumer are based on the value of the goods at the time of purchase. Money paid for goods is returned to the consumer on the day of termination of the contract, and in case of impossibility to return the money on the day of termination of the contract - in another term with the consent of the parties, but not later than within seven days.

Consumer Protection Law

In-store purchased goods of inadequate quality. What can you do in this case?

The Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights establishes the right of the consumer for the proper quality of goods (works, services). The consumer has the right to demand from the seller (manufacturer, executor) that the quality of the goods purchased (the work performed, the service provided) meets the requirements of the regulatory documents, the terms of the contracts, as well as information about the product (work, service) provided to the seller (manufacturer, executor)

Manufacturers (sellers, executors) assume certain warranty obligations in ensuring the normal operation (application, use) of the goods (works, services), including components, during the warranty period established by law, and in the absence thereof, by the contract . Such a term should be indicated in the passport for goods (work, service) or on its label, or in any other document attached to the product (work, service). For medicines, foodstuffs and other goods whose consumer characteristics may subsequently deteriorate and endanger life, health, property and the environment, a shelf life, which is considered to be a warranty period, is established. The expiration date is calculated from the date of manufacture. For seasonal goods (clothing, fur products, etc.), the warranty period is calculated from the beginning of the season. The list of seasonal goods, warranty periods on which are calculated from the beginning of the corresponding season, approved by Order number 172.

The essence of the warranty period is that, for example, the consumer has the right, at his option, to demand from the seller or the manufacturer, in the event of defects or falsification of the goods during the warranty period (expiry date) established by the rules or the contract binding on the parties:

1. free removal of defects of the goods or reimbursement of expenses for their correction by the consumer or a third person;

2. replaced by a similar product of the proper quality;

3. a corresponding decrease in his purchase price;

4. replace the same commodity of another model with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;

5. termination of the contract and indemnification of received losses.

The above requirements of the consumer are satisfied with the goods for which the term of the guarantee has not expired (expiration date). Moreover, in respect of non-food products which were in use and sold through retail commissions, the consumer's requirements specified in this paragraph are satisfied with the consent of the seller (Article 14 of the Consumer Protection Law).

At the same time there is no difference where the goods are purchased: in a regular store or via the Internet. Therefore, having purchased goods through an online store, the consumer has all the same rights as purchasing goods in regular stores.

If necessary, the consumer may request assistance from the Consumer Protection Inspectorate in the region.