Programmable timers with photo relay and voltage monitor

Electronic timer relay is a device for domestic or industrial use. Its operation principle is simple – at a certain, programmed time, the device sends a signal (turns on the relay contacts). There are various mechanical and digital types of timer relays. In the first case, the device functionality is limited by a simple transient signal mode, whereas the digital device is more powerful.

Astronomical timer for street lighting REV – 225
REV-225 ensures automatic calculation of the time of sunrise and sunset based on entered coordi..
Programmable multifunctional timer REV-303
Timer REV-303 is a microprocessor-based programmable device designed to control the loads in re..
REV-302 Multifunctional Relay
REV-302 multi-functional relay is a microprocessor-based programmable device designed to energi..
RN-16TM Universal Relay
742.50 грн.
RN-16TM universal relay combines the following functions:voltage relay;photo relay;real time relay;a..
Sequential and Combination Timer TK-415
BASIC FUNCTIONS— microprocessor controlled.— simple change-over between sequential and combination t..
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