Current relays and power limiters

Overcurrent relay is designed for load shedding when step-up value is above the set one.  Flat-rating relays are designed to measure and continuously control active or full load capacity.

Current relays and power limiters, presented by Novatek-Electro manufacturing Company, have high performance characteristics allowing the devices for domestic and industrial applications use.

OM-110 Power Limiting Relay
OM-110 power limiting relay is used for continuous control of single phase active or full power.&nbs..
OM-310 Power Limiting Relay
2,673.00 грн.
OM-310 Power Limiting Relay is used for:consumer protection against low-quality electric network cha..
PMT-104 Overload Relay
990.00 грн.
PMT-104 Overload Relay is designed for continuous control of the effective current of the singl..
Power limit relay ОМ-163
Power limitation relay ОМ-163 is intended for limitation of consumed power as well as for disco..
RMT-101 current overload relay
RMT-101 current overload relay is used for load rejection in case the current exceeds the set v..
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