What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is an opportunity to earn on the sale of any informational products, the description of which you will find in the catalog of goods after registration in the affiliate program.

Everything happens according to the following scheme:

1. You register in the affiliate program;

2. After registration, you receive special affiliate links for product promotion;

3. You use these links to attract buyers of products;

4. When one of your visitors goes over your link and makes an order, you will be charged a commission.

Additional terms and restrictions

First, you can promote your affiliate links in any way other than SPAM. Spam -subscriptions are illegal, so disclosed in such cases, partners will be blocked forever. Moreover, even if you earn some commission on it, they will not be paid to you.

Secondly, you can not order our products with your affiliate link. The affiliate program automatically blocks such attempts, so no commission will be charged to you.

Thirdly, when registering, indicate your working email to receive timely updates on any changes to the affiliate program.