LAN cable

Twisted pair is a special kind of cable-conductor products for modern communication lines. A twisted pair consists of one or several pairs of completely isolated conductors, and they are wound together by a small number of turns per unit length and covered with a plastic sheath.

The site shows prices per meter of cable.

КПВ-ВП (100) 2х2х0,50 (UTP-cat.5)
Type of cable КПВ-ВП Number of pairs 2Cross-section 0,5 Insulation pol..
КПВ-ВП (16) 2х2х0,48 (UTP-cat.3)
Type of cable КПВ-ВП Number of pairs 2Cross-section 0,48 Insulation po..
КПВ-ВП (350) 4*2*0,51 (UTP-cat.5E)
Type of cable КПВ-ВП Number of pairs 4Cross-section 0,51 Insulation po..
КПВЕ-ВП (100) 2*2*0,51 (FTP-cat.5)
Type of cable КПВЕ-ВП Number of pairs 2Cross-section 0,51 Insulation p..
КПВЕ-ВП (200) 4*2*0,51 (FTP-cat.5E)
Type of cable КПВЕ-ВП Number of pairs 4Cross-section 0,51 Insulation p..
КПП-ВП (100) 4х2х0,51 (UTP - cat.5e)
Type of cable КПП-ВП Number of pairs 4Cross-section 0,51 Insulation po..
КППЕ-ВП (100) 4х2х0,51 (FTP - cat.5e)
Type of cable КППЕ-ВП Number of pairs 4Cross-section 0,51 Insulation p..
КППЕО-ВП (100) 4х2х0,51 (S-FTP - cat.5e)
Type of cable КППЕО-ВП Number of pairs 4Cross-section 0,51 Insulation ..
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